Games Workshop 40K Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternals Paladins Retributors

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Review by: Dad

Paladins are a must buy for your Stormcast Eternals armies for games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.  Boxes of Games Workshop paladins can build three different sects: Retributors, Decimators, and Protectors. No matter which version you choose, these big boys have three wounds each, a four-inch move, a four plus save and are bravery seven. Each type of paladin is equipped with a different weapon. These weapons give the paladins amazing flexibility in their role on the battlefield.  This allows you to build a versatile army built of primarily paladins since you can take two minimum units of Judicators for your battleline units in a Stormcast Eternals allegiance army.

Two in every five models of paladins can take a Starsoul Mace. In general, you’ll want to take the maximum number of Starsoul Maces.  They do an automatic D3 wounds per Mace on a hit roll of a two – five. On a six they do D3 plus one wounds instead and a hit roll of a one misses.  Starsoul Maces are consistent damage output for units of Paladins, no matter which variant you take. The only time I don’t take maces is with Decimators.

Decimators are equipped with Thunderaxe’s that make a number of attacks equal to the number of enemy models within two inches of each Decimator.  Up against large blobs of enemies, Decimator paladins do exactly as their name implies, they are capable of completely destroying a large blob of one wound low bravery models in one round of attacks. And Decimators reduce the bravery of enemy units in the battleshock phase by two, increasing the chance of extra models running away.

Protectors are equipped with Stormstrike Glaives with a whopping three inch range. Stormstrike Glaives are designed to deal massive damage to monsters with their Deathstrike ability. Deathstrike turns hit rolls of a six into d6 damage instead of one. Stormstrike Glaives also allow Protectors to knock missle weapons out of the air with their Storm-shield ability, giving them plus one to their saves against shooting attacks as well as boosting the save of any units being shot at that are wholly within six inches of a unit of Protectors.  Taking Starsoul Maces are a great option with Protectors for consistent damage output against a variety of enemy units.

Retributors are equipped with Lightning Hammers that do two damage with each hit and do an automatic two mortal wounds on a hit roll of a six. Retributors are the best all around version of paladins for doing consistent wounds to just about any enemy unit they get in close combat with.  They have the shortest range of any of the paladins at one inch.  Taking the maximum number of Starsoul Maces with units of Retributors is pretty much required to boost the damage output of the unit.

Paladins are more or less required when building armies of Stormcast Eternals for your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.  Their flexibility means building at least one unit of each type a must for your collection. Further boxes can be collected to build up an army of mostly paladins which can be great fun on the battlefield.  These boxes also contain a ton of extra bits making them useful when kitbashing or converting other models.  Paladins are available in box by themselves in a unit of five models you can build into any type of Paladin, in the Storm of Sigmar box in a unit of two Retributors, and in the Stormcast Eternals Start Collecting box in a unit of two Retributors.

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