Warhammer Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternals Liberators

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Review By: Dad

Games Workshop Liberators are the main battleline unit for armies of Stormcast Eternals in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.  The leader of the unit is a Liberator-Prime and gets an extra attack with his equipped weapon.  Liberators can either be armed with Warhammers or Warblades and they can take them either paired to reroll hit rolls of a one or single with a Sigmarite Shield allowing them to reroll save rolls of a one. One in every five models can instead take either a Grandblade or Grandhammer to add some extra damage output and some rending to the unit.

Liberators have two wounds, a five inch move, and a four plus save making them pretty hardy against most other melee units.  While Judicators may also be taken as a ranged battleline unit option, Liberators are a great choice for holding objectives or locking down enemy monster and hero units thanks to their ability Lay Low the Tyrants.

Lay Low the Tyrants allow the Liberators to get plus one to their hit rolls when fighting units with five wounds or more.Giving them a two plus to hit with blades and a three plus to hit with hammers. Liberators go great with a Lord-Celestant on foot backing them up.  The Lord-Celestant’s command ability Furious Retribution can further boost the Liberators to hit rolls by another plus one, guaranteeing that those hit rolls go through.

The models themselves are beautiful along with all the other Stormcast Eternals sculpts from Games Workshop.  The easy to build kit is a great way to fill in your units if you want hammers, but can easily be kit-bashed to blades if you pick up a full box of liberators as well. Liberators are available in several different boxes of models.  The come in a unit of ten models in the standard box from Games Workshop. They also come in an easy to build box of three models and the Stormcast Eternals Start Collecting box in a unit of five models.

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