About Us

We are three generations of gamers and hobbyists steeped in decades of geek culture. Get to know more about our reviewers below!

Dad started playing video games when screens were still green and the internet made screaming sounds whenever the modem turned on. A former electrical engineer, Dad is now an entrepreneur who spends his free time painting miniatures and playing any game he can get his hands on.

Mom is the owner of our parent company, KawaiiTimes.com. She started freelance writing in 2010, and began producing indie books in 2012. She began playing games like Monopoly and Sorry as a child, and grew up to enjoy Tomb Raider and The Impossible Machine.

Papa is a retired environmental engineer who has fallen in love with model trains. Our resident railroad collector, he’s amassed a collection of model trains that would make any child jealous.

Robbie is our Junior Reviewer. He lends a fresh look at the games and toys we play with. Parents will enjoy reading honest reviews from this six year old who hopes to grow up to be an engineer like Dad and Papa.

We began OurFamilyGameReviews.com in 2019. After years of sharing our love of games with family and friends, we decided to help others learn how to start a Family Game Night of their own.

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