Games Workshop Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternals Judicators

Our Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review by: Dad

Games Workshop Judicators, like Liberators, are a battleline unit for Stormcast Eternals armies in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. However, Judicators are a ranged unit equipped with either Skybolt Bows or Boltstorm Crossbows.  One in every five models may instead be armed with a Shockbolt Bow for extra hits or a Thunderbolt Crossbow for an almost automatic D3 wounds on large model count units.

The leader of the unit is Judicator-Prime who gets plus one to hit with his weapons.  Boltstorm crossbows are the option for down and dirty encounters with their lowered range of only twelve inches compared to the Skybolt Bow’s range of twenty-four inches.  However, the Boltstorm crossbows get one extra attack if the unit didn’t move during the movement phase.  This allows the crossbow equipped Judicators to really put out a hail of withering fire against enemy units.

The reduced range of the crossbows can open up your Judicators to being charged and bogged down in melee. I find it very effective to screen them with either a unit of Liberators or some Paladin Protectors.  Add in a hero or two, like the Lord-Castellant, and you can fairly easily lock down an area of the battlefield.

Being able to take Judicators as a Battleline unit opens up some interesting possibilities for shooting army of Stormcast Eternals.  Especially with the recent Stormcast Eternals Sacrosanct Chamber releases, you can really build a mostly shooting army pretty easily.  Units such as the Celestar Ballista & Castigators go really well with Judicators in this case.  I’m personally planning on setting up a shooting army of Stormcast Eternals with twenty Judicators, three to four ballistas, some Castigators, a Lord-Ordinator general and some Vanguard-Raptors and Vanguard-Hunters.

Judicators are a great ranged option for your Stormcast Eternals Armies and are pretty flexible depending on how you want to play them.  The sculpts are beautiful detailed as we have come to expect with Games Workshop’s models.  The only issue I have with the kit is that there really isn’t a lot of variety of poses with the models. 

I would have liked to see a few more dynamic shooting poses with them.  But Games Workshop fixed that desire with the release of Castigators. Castigator’s easy to build kit and their standard kit have different poses with some models holding their bows in the air or aiming and feature both male and female characters.  It’s so much easier to build a unique and varied looking unit with access to that variety.  Definitely check out Judicators if you are planning a Stormcast Eternals army for your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

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