Games Workshop Warhammer Spirit Hosts

Our Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Review By: Dad

Games Workshop Spirit Hosts are a fun little unit for your Nighthaunt army in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.  Spirit Hosts are available in a unit of three in their own box and in the Start Collecting: Malignants box.  Units of Spirit Hosts can be any number of models but I highly recommend taking them in a minimum unit of at least three.  A unit of three is only one hundred and twenty points per the 2018 Generals Handbook which makes this the perfect filler for that last bit of points in your list.  And boy are they worth the points even in units of only three.

Spirit Hosts are also a battleline unit if your army has the Nighthaunt allegiance so taking massive amounts of them and spamming their crazy six attacks per model is viable. Spirit Hosts are tough with three wounds each and a four plus save. While they only hit on a five plus and wound on a four plus, their number of attacks generally guarantees wounds going through every round of combat.  And if the hit roll is a six, they inflict an automatic mortal wound!

The sculpts of the models are really cool looking with each model having three spirits floating around with their Spectral Daggers.  However, whoever designed the model and build instructions was a sadist. There are so many little bits that you can accidently break off cleaning up leftover sprue on the pieces.  And there are several points where you have to glue pieces together and let them sit for a while before gluing on the next piece. This makes building the models themselves a rather tedious and delicate process. And they are as delicate once built as a lot of other Nighthaunt models, so they have to be more carefully stored and transported.

Spirit Hosts are a fantastic option for your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar by Games Workshop.  They do well as long as you take at least a minimum unit of three, and can really put the hurt on in units of nine or twelve.  Check them out for your Nighthaunt army today!

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