Games Workshop Thanquol & Bone Ripper Skaven Warhammer

Our Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review By: Dad

The mighty Boneripper protects his master Thanquol with his savage bulk and a choice between Warpfire Braziers and Warpfire Projectors.  Thanquol has some amazing fluff written around his addiction to warpstone, which fuels and boosts his megalomania, paranoia and fantastic spell casting abilities.

He can cast two spells in your hero phase and unbind two spells in your opponent’s hero phase as well and the Warpstone Addiction rule gives him an automatic spellcasting reroll on a 2+ but on a 1 he can’t cast anything. Boneripper can drop an automatic 2d6 (two six sided dice) wounds with his Warpfire Projectors, which is savage to any unit that comes within 8” of them.  The Warpfire Braziers net you 4 attacks with d6s hitting on a 3+ with -2 rend and a whopping 3 damage each.  Either choice works well and can consistently deal damage so pick the one that works best for your play style.

Thanquol and Boneripper are a beastly Hero Unit choice for your Skaven army in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and are a great pick as your general with a Command Ability granting a 6+/5+ invulnerable save to any unit.  Thanquol’s Warp-amulet allows them to heal a wound every hero phase, as well making them tough to kill without consistent damage being done. Just keep him in range of some blocking support to keep powerful ground units away from him while Thanquol unleashes his powerful spell-casting and Boneripper hoses anything down that gets close with the Warpfire Projectors or smashes them into piles of goo with the Warpfire Braziers.

The kit itself is well designed and fairly easy to build with the normal patience and time miniature modeling requires.  There are only a few joints that may require gap filling during construction and they are small enough that Games Workshops Liquid Greenstuff works great to fill them in. Games Workshop recommends and age of 12+ for the majority of their products, but younger kids can still paint them after an adult handles the hobby knife and plastic glue putting the kit together.

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is a fantastic fantasy miniatures wargame, with many different armies and army themes to choose and build from.  Miniature wargames are a combined hobby of miniature modeling/painting and an exciting, strategic, dice based simulated battle.

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Dungeon Roll Dice Game

Our Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review by: Dad

Dungeon Roll by Tasty Minstrel Games is a fantastic dice rolling, dungeon delving game for one to four players and a recommended age range of eight plus.  However, with some minor coaching, our six-year-old Robby was able to pick it up and play easily.

In Dungeon Roll each player has a character they play (the player type can either be handed out randomly, or chosen by each player depending on the rule set you choose), which hearken to the types of characters you’d see in a Dungeons and Dragons style game. Each have different passive and active abilities to aid your party in the dungeon.

One of the fun aspects of this game is that every player gets to takes turns being the Dungeon Lord (Dungeon Master). The Dungeon Lord rolls the dungeon dice to reveal monsters to slay, magic scrolls and potions. Meanwhile, the challenging player tries to defeat the dungeon levels and collect treasure and XP. 

Our son had a great time being the Dungeon Lord and rolling the “bad guy” dice for Mom’s party to fight. He did sometimes find it hard to remember to advance the dungeon dice as the levels increased, but with a little coaching, he was able to make it through the full game like a pro.

It took us a few rolls to get the game-play down, but once we did, we all had a ton of fun. The game gets into a rhythm as play goes around the table, turning Dungeon Roll into a quick-paced game for family game nights. It would be a fun transition game to play between your favorite card games and board games, as play typically lasts fifteen to thirty minutes. 

Dungeon Roll is also quick to learn and accessible for a new players. Dungeon Roll originally came to life on Kickstarter and crushed their goals early in the campaign. Dungeon Roll was so successful that it’s now available just about anywhere that board games and card games are sold. Check out Dungeon Roll for yourself and see if it fits into your family game nights as well as it does ours.

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Games Workshop Nighthaunt Hexwraiths

Our Rating: 5 of 5

Review by: Dad

Hexwraiths are an amazing cavalry battleline unit for a Nighthaunt allegiance army in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. I have to admit, i’m massively biased when it comes to Hexwraiths, I absolutely love them! And Games Workshop indulges my love of Hexwraiths with the Deathriders Battalion Warscroll in the Citadel Nighthaunt Battletome

The Deathriders Battalion include two units of Hexwraiths (I run two units of ten), A Black Coach and one or two Dreadblade Harrows (I run them both and call them the Murder Bros).  All of the units in the battalion get plus one to their charge rolls.  And if they roll a nine plus on the charge, they can immediately pile in and fight a round of combat.  This is amazing because they can still be selected to pile in and fight as normal during the Combat Phase. I run a two thousand point list based on this battalion and it is tons of fun!

Hexwraiths are available in units of five in their own box and in the Start Collecting: Malignants box. They have two wounds each, a whopping twelve inch move, and a four plus save.  They have four attacks split between their Spectral Scythes and their Skeletal Steed’s Hooves and Teeth with fairly modest attack profiles.  But the Spectral Scythes do automatic wounds on a hit roll of  six.  The unit leader is a Hellwraith and gets and extra attack with his Spectral Scythe. To top that off, if you make a move across an enemy unit, roll a dice for each Hexwraith that passed through an enemy model on a five plus the unit suffers a mortal wound.

I like to charge them in for a round of combat, then move through the unit im fighting, do those extra mortal wounds, charge, then pile in and attack again.  I back up each unit of Hexwraiths with a Vampire Lord ally (only available through Games Workshop) to give them extra attacks and bring back dead models/heal lost wounds.  Always ensuring the Hexwraiths are dealing damage and staying at a reasonable unit strength.

Hexwraiths are an amazing option for your battleline units in your Nighthaunt army for games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.  They are a must buy to at least have a fast, heavy hitting unit for capturing objectives or flanking enemy units.

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Games Workshop Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternals Judicators

Our Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review by: Dad

Games Workshop Judicators, like Liberators, are a battleline unit for Stormcast Eternals armies in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. However, Judicators are a ranged unit equipped with either Skybolt Bows or Boltstorm Crossbows.  One in every five models may instead be armed with a Shockbolt Bow for extra hits or a Thunderbolt Crossbow for an almost automatic D3 wounds on large model count units.

The leader of the unit is Judicator-Prime who gets plus one to hit with his weapons.  Boltstorm crossbows are the option for down and dirty encounters with their lowered range of only twelve inches compared to the Skybolt Bow’s range of twenty-four inches.  However, the Boltstorm crossbows get one extra attack if the unit didn’t move during the movement phase.  This allows the crossbow equipped Judicators to really put out a hail of withering fire against enemy units.

The reduced range of the crossbows can open up your Judicators to being charged and bogged down in melee. I find it very effective to screen them with either a unit of Liberators or some Paladin Protectors.  Add in a hero or two, like the Lord-Castellant, and you can fairly easily lock down an area of the battlefield.

Being able to take Judicators as a Battleline unit opens up some interesting possibilities for shooting army of Stormcast Eternals.  Especially with the recent Stormcast Eternals Sacrosanct Chamber releases, you can really build a mostly shooting army pretty easily.  Units such as the Celestar Ballista & Castigators go really well with Judicators in this case.  I’m personally planning on setting up a shooting army of Stormcast Eternals with twenty Judicators, three to four ballistas, some Castigators, a Lord-Ordinator general and some Vanguard-Raptors and Vanguard-Hunters.

Judicators are a great ranged option for your Stormcast Eternals Armies and are pretty flexible depending on how you want to play them.  The sculpts are beautiful detailed as we have come to expect with Games Workshop’s models.  The only issue I have with the kit is that there really isn’t a lot of variety of poses with the models. 

I would have liked to see a few more dynamic shooting poses with them.  But Games Workshop fixed that desire with the release of Castigators. Castigator’s easy to build kit and their standard kit have different poses with some models holding their bows in the air or aiming and feature both male and female characters.  It’s so much easier to build a unique and varied looking unit with access to that variety.  Definitely check out Judicators if you are planning a Stormcast Eternals army for your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

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Games Workshop Warhammer 40k: Knight-Vexillor

Our Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review by: Dad

The Knight-Vexillor is a great support Hero for your Stormcast Eternals armies in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.  The Knight-Vexillor’s sculpting is gorgeous and fits in well with the Stormcast Eternals esthetic.   Games Workshop has done a great job, as usual, designing the look of the Stormcast Eternals.

The Knight-Vexillor can then either take a Meteoric Standard or a Pennant of the Stormbringer.  The Meteoric Standard allows the Knight-Vexillor to call down a fireball during your hero phase by picking a point with twenty-four inches of the model.  Every enemy unit within 2D6” of that point suffers D3 mortal wounds.  This is a great ability to soften up some frontline units or a hero ball.

The Pennant of the Stormbringer allows the Knight-Vexillor to teleport a friendly unit to any point on the battlefield as long as it is more than nine inches from enemy units.  Again the model can only use this ability once per battle.  This ability can allow you to suddenly pop a unit behind enemy lines or to a previously out of reach objective giving your Stormcast Eternals some great flexibility to redeploy mid battle.

No matter which one you take, after you use the once per battle ability, the Knight-Vexillor can still give units charge rerolls with their Icon of War ability as long as they are within eighteen inches of the Knight-Vexillor. The Knight-Vexillor is fairly decent in combat himself as well with four attacks hitting on a four plus and wounding on a three plus and one damage each. The Knight-Vexillor only costs one hundred and twenty points in pitched battles making it a great filler hero for rounding out a list where all of your other needs are met.  Check him out for your Stormcast Eternals army in your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternals Liberators

Our Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review By: Dad

Games Workshop Liberators are the main battleline unit for armies of Stormcast Eternals in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.  The leader of the unit is a Liberator-Prime and gets an extra attack with his equipped weapon.  Liberators can either be armed with Warhammers or Warblades and they can take them either paired to reroll hit rolls of a one or single with a Sigmarite Shield allowing them to reroll save rolls of a one. One in every five models can instead take either a Grandblade or Grandhammer to add some extra damage output and some rending to the unit.

Liberators have two wounds, a five inch move, and a four plus save making them pretty hardy against most other melee units.  While Judicators may also be taken as a ranged battleline unit option, Liberators are a great choice for holding objectives or locking down enemy monster and hero units thanks to their ability Lay Low the Tyrants.

Lay Low the Tyrants allow the Liberators to get plus one to their hit rolls when fighting units with five wounds or more.Giving them a two plus to hit with blades and a three plus to hit with hammers. Liberators go great with a Lord-Celestant on foot backing them up.  The Lord-Celestant’s command ability Furious Retribution can further boost the Liberators to hit rolls by another plus one, guaranteeing that those hit rolls go through.

The models themselves are beautiful along with all the other Stormcast Eternals sculpts from Games Workshop.  The easy to build kit is a great way to fill in your units if you want hammers, but can easily be kit-bashed to blades if you pick up a full box of liberators as well. Liberators are available in several different boxes of models.  The come in a unit of ten models in the standard box from Games Workshop. They also come in an easy to build box of three models and the Stormcast Eternals Start Collecting box in a unit of five models.

Ready to start building your army? Get the Stormcast Eternals Start Collecting Box on Amazon Here.

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