Best road trip games

Getting ready to plan a road trip?

It can be hard to get into a board game in the car, even though that’s exactly where you need to be entertained the most. We put on our travelling caps and headed into the world of road trip games to see what is available to keep travelers of all ages engaged.

Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game

We love a good scavenger hunt, but coming up with a list of things to find can be downright difficult. That’s where the Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game comes in so handy. With 54 scavenger cards, there’s always something new to find. We did find that this game is more suited for travel through urban areas, so if your road trip involves a lot of flat-land interstate driving, you may find it to be challenging. Find the Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game on Amazon Here.

Shelburne County Store I Spy License Plates

Where there are cars, there are license plates. Playing road trip games to see what state plates you can find is a great way to pass the time in the car. But once you get beyond five or six states, it can be hard to remember which ones you’ve seen before. This simple dry-erase board fits in the glove compartment and helps you keep track of all fifty State plates, as well as District of Columbia and some Canadian province plates. Get one for a cooperative game of “find that plate”, or buy several and see who can find the most license plates on your next trip. Find the
Shelburne Country Store I Spy License Plates on Amazon Here.

Family Talk 2

There aren’t many road trip games where the driver gets to play, too. It’s hard to handle game boards and a deck of cards when you’ve got both hands on the wheel. That’s what makes Family Talk 2 so much fun. It’s more about driving an engaging conversation than it is about keeping track of a scorecard. Simply have one of the passengers pick a card, ask a question and see who has the most interesting answer. It’s important to note that the questions range in topic across a variety of life experiences and feelings, so if you have young travelers with you, there may be cards you elect to skip over. Find Family Talk 2 on Amazon Here.

Regal Games Original Travel Bingo 4 Packs

There’s nothing like a good game of travel Bingo to pass the time. When we found these durable game cards with sliding markers, we couldn’t believe our luck! Easy to identify pictures and words make it simple for even young kids to enjoy looking out the window. Play it by classic Bingo rules on long car rides, or mix it up by marking the boards “I Spy” style. Find the Regal Games Original Travel Bingo 4 Packs on Amazon Here.


Another variation of “look out the window” road trip games, Rubberneckers has colorful cards that suggest things to look for during your road trip. While a 4 or 5 year old may need help reading the cards, once they know what to look for they’ll enjoy playing with the whole family. Just like some of the other games on this list, it may help to go through the deck and pull cards that you think are worth skipping over, unless you want to keep items like “Telephone Booth” in for an extra challenge. Find Rubberneckers on Amazon Here.

Dr. Biscuits’ Radical Road Trip

One of the most exciting games on our road trip list is Dr. Biscuit’s Radical Road Trip. It’s a little more involved than most of the other games we’ve mentioned, but the variety of tasks enclosed makes the bulk of carrying a game box around in the car worth it. Packed with 60 different games and activities, this game box will keep you on your toes during your next drive, whether you’re in the car for a half hour or half a day. Find Dr. Biscuit’s Radical Road Trip on Amazon Here.

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