Papa Steve adds another Class 1 railroad line.

Proper railroad layouts need to grow, even if it is just expanding the coverage of railroad lines, especially the Class 1 railroads currently operating in the continental United States.  There are seven Class 1 RR lines in operation today:

1 BNSF Burlington Northern Santa Fe

2 UP Union Pacific

3 CSX Chesapeake Seaboard 

4 NS Norfolk Southern

5 CN Canadian National

6 CP Canadian Pacific

7  KCS Kansas City Southern

I have always been a fan of Union Pacific. One of my earliest Lionel LionChief sets was the Union Pacific Scout Hill RS-3 diesel locomotive.  I have quite a few AC Burlington Northern engines and we have a BNSF Lionchief w/Bluetooth in the family.

I added the Lionel Lionchief Plus with Bluetooth Norfolk Southern GP38-2 diesel road switcher.  This engine has a working smoke unit, sounds, horn, bell, announcements and remote control couplers. This train represents Norfolk Southern’s commitment to “Training First Responders” and the actual train starting operating on the East Coast in 2016.

I love this engine, so much so that I added two uni-body tank cars and a caboose, all in the first responder paint scheme.

Want to check it out for yourself? You can find it on by clicking here.

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