LEGO Creator Corner Deli

Amazon Product Name (APN): LEGO Creator Corner Deli 31050

Manufacturer: LEGO

Review By: Papa

This is a very cute set with lots of colors.  The Corner Deli features a deli sandwich restaurant with outside dining, two miniature “deli sandwiches,” a cook minifig and a customer carrying her sandwich.

The actual structure is two stories tall and can be set up open with the interior exposed, or as a closed building. The first floor is either wood or “brownstone” while the second story is a very pleasant shade of blue/green. There is access to the roof via ladders and a ceiling hatch.

The roof has a TV antenna and a colorful bird sitting on it. There is an easy chair upstairs for the deli owner to relax after a long day making and selling sandwiches. I like the red and white canopy above the sandwich counter and flip-up window so sandwiches can be passed to customers outside.  It even comes with a fire hydrant (and I will have to add the dog leaving his mark!).

I added this set to the LEGO City sets that I own to give my city more variety in terms of building designs. I really enjoyed building this set. LEGO Creator sets can be built three different ways and I see myself picking up more of these to enlarge the structure.

If you’d like to add the Corner Deli to your display, you can find it on Amazon by clicking here.

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