Ryan’s World Blind Bag Mystery Figure

Amazon Product Name (APN): Ryan’s World Blind Bag Mystery Figure Accessory Toy Review 2018 Series 1

Our Rating: 3of 5 stars

Review by: Robby

I was excited when I got a Ryan’s World blind bag as a gift. I couldn’t wait to open it! I was really surprised that an invisible Ryan with an ax was inside. He is a great Ryan’s World action figure because he can sneak up on people and steal their things since he’s invisible. I thought he was perfect.

I want to get three more Ryan’s World action figures, but next time I want a Ryan’s World action figure with a vehicle instead of blind bags, so I can see what toy it is and get the one I want.

I was happier with the Deep Six Ryan action figure I got. It came in a package where you could see one figure (Deep Six Ryan), and also got a mystery Ryan’s World action figure. So, I still got a surprise, but I knew what at least one of the toys was at the beginning.

I really loved my Ryan’s World invisible Ryan action figure, until the leg broke. Dad says the action figures don’t have very good construction. I also lost the ax that came with the action figure because its hand doesn’t hold the ax very well.

I prefer the packages where you can see at least one of the toys. The mystery boxes and blind bags are fun, but you don’t get what you’re expecting. If you like blind bags, you can find the Ryan’s World Blind Bag Mystery Figures on Amazon here.

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