Minecraft the Card Game

Amazon Product Name (APN): Mattel Games Minecraft Card Game

Our Rating: 3 of 5 stars

Review by: Robby

In Minecraft the video game, I don’t like creepers. In Minecraft the card game, I don’t like creepers! They wreck everything and Mom says they want hugs but they aren’t friendly. They’re evil!

Also, sometimes it’s hard to get people to play Minecraft the Card Game to play with, because new people are nervous bout the rules. But, if you read the rules, it’s pretty easy. It can be tough like in survival mode on Xbox, and you might die. But it’s just a game, so that’s okay.

I do sometimes like playing this game on my own and making my own House Rules (You can read Dad’s article about making up House Rules here). I like playing Minecraft the card game, because it’s like playing Minecraft the video game, but I can play it even when I’m out of TV time!

I think this is a good game for 6-year-olds and adults. It’s actually pretty helpful to have a gown-up to help with the rules. If you want to try playing Minecraft the Card Game, you can find it on Amazon here.

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