Tonka Tinys Vehicle in Blind Garage

Amazon Product Name (APN): Tonka Tinys Vehicle in Blind Garage – 3 pack (styles may vary)

Our Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Review by: Robby

My uncle got me and my cousins some Tonka Tinys vehicles in blind garages. I got a helicopter with a water tank, like a firefighter or forestry helicopter. It’s easy to open the garage and pull the helicopter out, and put it back in. It’s cool that the garages hook together to make a big building.

I didn’t like that I got a helicopter. It ended up being pretty cool, but I wanted to get a digger. Also, I had to have a grown-up open the package because the plastic was really hard to get off the box.

If parents want to buy these for their kids, I think they should because the mystery makes it exciting, and the vehicles are cool even if they aren’t what you’re expecting. You can find Tonka Tinys on Amazon Here.

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