Sushi Go! Game Review

Amazon Product Name (APN): Sushi Go! – The Pick and Pass Card Game

Our Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review by: Dad

Sushi Go! Is one of our favorite pick-and-pass card games by Gamewright.  It even made our Top 10 Family Boardgames list for 2019. It’s a simple deck-sharing game designed for two to five players. Gamewright recommends the game for kids ages eight and up, but our six-year-old has no problem playing and winning Sushi Go! during family game nights. As a parent, I’ve discovered Sushi Go! is great for younger players, as its one of those kids card games that improves perception of probability, counting and critical thinking skills.

Sushi Go! plays a lot like the draft portion of collectible card games tournaments. Each player is dealt a hand of cards, determined by the number of players.  Players each select a card from that hand and place it face down on the table.  Once everyone has chosen, all players reveal their cards. Then, players pass their hands to the person on their left, and another card is chosen. Just like on a sushi belt at a restaurant, the hands go around and around the table until all cards are chosen. 

Scoring happens after this speed card game has gone through three rounds. In Sushi Go! scoring is the most strategic part of the game, and is entirely dependent on the combination of sushi you have collected.  As an example, a pair of tempura is five points, while the player with most maki takes six points. In these fun card games, you have to keep an eye on what other people are collecting, try to remember what is in each of the hands moving around the table, and maximize the amount of points you can earn every round to be successful. (If you ever play Sushi Go! with us, be warned that Mom’s Pudding game is strong.)

Sushi Go! Is a one of those fast card games that lasts around fifteen minutes, making it a perfect filler game on your family game nights. We like to take Sushi Go! with us when we go camping and to conventions since it’s portable and fun to play.  Sushi Go! is also available in a party edition that has been expanded for up to eight players.

You can pick up a copy of Sushi Go! from Amazon by clicking here, or ask for it at your favorite game store.

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