Sorry! 2013 Edition Game Review

Amazon Product Name (APN): Sorry! 2013 Edition Game

Our Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Review by: Dad

On a cold winter family game night, we sat down to play Sorry! If you aren’t familiar with the original Sorry! board game, it’s a classic game from Hasbro designed for two to four players. The rules are simple, and fun to play for kids (and adults) ages six and up.  In Sorry! the goal is to get all three of your pawns from the Start Zone to your Home zone. This is done by drawing Sorry! board game cards, moving your pieces according to the card’s directions, and trying to get the pawns around the tabletop game board. No two pawns can stay on the same space, and we had fun bumping our opponents pawns back to the start. There are slide spaces on the board that allow you to move several extra spaces if you land exactly at the start of it (Similar to the chutes in Chutes & Ladders).

Each turn, a player draws a Sorry! board game card to discover if it will allow you to move one of your pawns, swap with another piece on the board or move either the Fire or Ice power-ups, a new mechanic added in the 2013 Edition of Sorry! 

We loved the Fire power-up! It allows the pawn that wears it a free move to the next fire space in the four corners of the board.  It also allows you to bring a second pawn Home from anywhere on the board, if you get the pawn with the fire power-up Home.

As much as we all enjoyed the Fire power-up, the Ice power-up is frustrating for anyone unlucky enough to have it. The Ice power-up stops a pawn from moving for any reason, and effectively locks a pawn in place.  It can still be bumped back to start if another pawn lands on the same space, and getting stuck in the Start position with an ice power-up is no fun. The only way to remove it is to draw another Ice power-up card form the Sorry! board game cards, allowing the player to move the ice power-up onto an opponent’s pawn.

One thing we learned early on: make sure to shuffle those Sorry! board playing cards well! There is a ton of randomness created by the deck (as long as you’ve shuffled well), and sometimes games are decided by who draws the right card next.  This is honestly my only complaint, there isn’t much control over what you draw unless you play strategic mode allowing everyone to have a hand of three cards, drawing a new one every turn.  Because this mode of play is a little more complicated, I don’t recommend a three-hand rule set when playing with young kids, as it can give them too much choice and distraction. But, as always, use your best judgement with your family when deciding how to play your games.

Sorry! Is a great game for the whole family.  With rules that are easy for the little ones to understand, and enough strategy and random craziness to keep it interesting for the older kids and adults, it’s easy to see how the classic 1972 Sorry! board game has stood the test of time.

You can pick up a copy of Sorry! for your family here. Just remember: if you send someone’s pawn back to start, don’t forget to say Sorry!

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